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If I could have a conversation on professional identities with myself, what would I say ?

I'm an architect from Chennai, India, currently in Michigan for my Master's from  

I'm trying to find my footing between being informed on the regional context within which 'work' is usually situated and the global outreach that it is possible to have as an individual. 

I like to read and write. 

It helps me think critically and not just be a passive observer. 

It also helps me escape into other worlds. 

Speaking of other worlds.. 

I like to create things that straddle the lines of being plausible and implausible. 

Sometimes it's one or the other. 

Sometimes it's both. And that's fun. 

If you want to know even more, here's a ramble I wrote recently as a college paper.. In short, it's the voice of a confused, emerging creative.  

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