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Instant Gratification

This is the age of instant everything. Google. Swiggy. Maggi. Every new innovation has one thing in common – Time as a commodity. The whole world is swept by the idea of instant gratification and architecture is also falling prey to this.

Architecture is not something born from deadlines. Yes, they are an inherent part of the field, but they should not define the work we put out. The creative process cannot be clocked – it is a continuous back and forth between the multiple layers that comprise the design – the functional, technical, experiential, aesthetical, conceptual and so many more. It is not possible to imagine the creative process as linear and these layers as exclusive.

In the age of fast paced projects and terrifyingly quick completion dates, where does the process go ? Ideas can’t be churned out at that pace – they need to undergo a process of refinement, only after which a space comes alive. Else they are a bleak reflection of the intent. Ideas require time (that prized commodity) in order to work in the considerations of all the layers that concern design.

This is where methodology and ideology become important. It’s vital for a practice to be aware of the methodology they employ – this becomes their process. Ideology is what they prioritize in this process. These priorities will vary amongst practices, but the outcome will always be a true reflection of the priorities.

Schools like CEPT flourished because of their strong foothold on both Method & Idea. There was a very clear idea of how to go about the process of design. They also have a predetermined pedagogy which reflects in the spirit of the campus. It is a good example to illustrate how being aware of method and idea can greatly improve the quality of a space.

It’s important for us as individual architects to be aware of the implications of our choices and choose for ourselves what our priorities are. So keep your eyes, ears and minds open. See, listen and decide for yourself. But decide. For a mindless propagation is worse than instant gratification.

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