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A story of Footsteps 

I know its been a long break, but I’m back with a new series. This time, Sri Lanka ! I recently had the chance to visit the country and some of its beautiful places – including lots and lots of Geoffrey Bawa.. So this series is dedicated to my experience there. To start off, lets begin with the temple in Kandy.

I’ve had the good fortune to visit the temple of the Tooth relic twice. One doesn’t expect much of a temple. You go in barefoot, pray, take a round on the circumambulatory path, meditate and leave. And that’s exactly what we did. However, this time, I noticed something – My feet felt a variety of textures and surfaces in this journey. And so here’s my journey. Let’s see how many textures each one of you can recognise.

Two soles bared themselves to a journey;

A journey that teased the being.

Being grazed along the heated soil,

The soil slowly turned hard.

Hard yet frayed, the stone welcomes us to its moon.

The moon, a prelude to the surfaces of flight.

A flight of comfort as they brush against the cold trims of metal.

Metal acting as a threshold into the shrine.

A shrine exuding warmth with each step;

Step by step as they travel, the wooden floors succumb and creak;

Creak and groans gradually become hushed ;

Hushed by the rugged tones of stone

A stone searing under the sun.

The sun now steers the soles towards refuge;

A refuge of soft clay becomes a greet of solace.

Solace to the soles, now at the end of their journey;

A journey where touch pervades into the soul.


Sri Lanka : Part 1/7

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