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Gathering Under The . . .

Another addition to the Poem Series, this one was written as a means of putting down an epiphany. It brought out to me that spaces can really affect your relationships with people. Why is the idea of a walk along the beach with a loved one romanticised ? The idea of romance goes beyond the two people and is elevated by the space. The sunset or sunrise. Or the waves. The sound of them crashing against the sand. When most people recall their memories, the first thing they remember are the people and emotions felt in that context. Little do we know that the setting conspires to make us feel that way.  The beach is romantic because the setting is romantic. An office may be dreary because the space makes you feel that way. A space can make you feel and it does so in fleeting moments, but its effect is perennial, even if not obvious at first.

Seated on the floor of the unfamiliar,

I am at great ease.

For faces under the domes

are lit up by familiarity.

Casual rings form within

And conversations bounce off the curved walls.

For souls are now reunited

After a long hiatus

And what better way

Than a gathering under the Gufa.

The poem speaks of my experience of being gathered in a cave like space with 120 of my classmates. We hadn’t seen each other in six months. The conversations echoed through the curved walls of the Gufa and the light shone through the skylights. The atmosphere the space created was cozy, comforting and perfect for a reunion. While a reunion can be inherently emotional, it was heightened by the Gufa for me.

Many people are not aware of this effect that a space can have on you. So next time you feel a heart-warming moment, take in the space as well. It will elevate the experience much further.

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